[REVIEW] Destiny 2: Crucible & Iron Banner PvP Review

Destiny 2’s PvP content has been a little bit rough at the start but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a more enjoyable experience. Personally, I don’t think Destiny 2’s crucible is as good as it was in Destiny 1, but there are some room for improvements. Switching from 6v6 to permanent 4v4 game modes will make playing crucible less enjoyable for a solo player. As a hardcore Destiny 1 player, I don’t find myself wanting to queue up for a game by myself like I did with the last game. Another the thing that was a strange decision on Bungie’s part, is that you are unable to pick a specific game mode.┬áIf you want to play Clash or Control specifically – you can’t! Due to how the game is designed right now, you are unable to pick. Instead, the game modes are based solely on playlists and based on my experiences Clash is the game mode that becomes less available to me and I love Clash.

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