[REVIEW] South Park: The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole, is the second and follow-up game from South Park Digital Studios’ The Stick Of Truth. The Stick Of Truth, was an RPG that was based around a fantasy storyline like that of the popular Lord Of The Rings. This time The Fractured But Whole tackles down another genre – the Superhero franchise.

The writing and situations you’re put through echoes that of a South Park episode and his hilarious for a majority of the time. You return as “The New Kid” and become sucked into more situations that require your “special” abilities. As The New Kid, your strange and random farting powers have never been seen in the South Park universe and all the kids need it to takedown the criminals that are kidnapping cats.

This game provides more of the same but is definitely more robust and polished. The game has added more abilities that are similar to that of famous superheroes like: The Flash, Cyborg, Poison Ivy and The Thing. The main story quests is long and satisfying all the way through but falls a little short with the ending.


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